This page shows you the interface that is intended to be delivered with the release 1.6. Position the mouse over the desired buttons for a short help on them.
        FREE DUP        allows you to reclaim space on your drives.

Action: show only   link hard when possible symbolic otherwise   only link hard   only link symbolic  
Link Direction: Arbitrary   to first   to most linked   to oldest   to newest   to biggest   to smallest  
Extra Style: Off   Auto   MP3   MP4   MPC   Ogg   JPG  

Directory 1:
Directory 2:
Directory 3:

File & Owner: user needs to be identical     group needs to be identical     file name needs to be identical    
Permission: needs to be identical    whereever this octal mask is nonzero.
Modif. Time: needs to be identical    or it differ by a maximum of seconds. keep directory time stamp.
Other: show already linked files too   do not link empty files  

Work Dir:
Hash Support: None   Optimized   Built-In   md5   sha1   sha224   sha256   sha384   sha512